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As a child, Jeremy Abesera spent part of his summer holidays in Morocco and the South of France with his family—whom just happened to be full of beauty industry experts.

It was their legacy and the naturally effective ingredients from his childhood that Jeremy wanted to capture when it came to starting his own company. Provence Beauty is the result.

From the ideation phase of our products all the way to our packaging, we are as sustainable as possible.

Here’s how we assure it:

  • Our ingredients are sourced from sustainable farms
  • We use as little plastic as possible–99% of our products are packaged in glass jars and bottles
  • Our products are incredibly effective, which means we have a smaller SKU count with less packaging and waste
  • We create, design, and manufacture everything in our own facilities in Los Angeles, California #MadeInTheUSA

Many other brands use off-the-shelf formulations from various product vendors, but Provence Beauty actually has its own in-house chemist. After earning a double major in Zoology and Chemistry, our Chemist, Kendall Johnson, started working in the personal care industry in 2013. Since her introduction to the industry, she has covered a wide gamut of formulation exposure, including OTC, cosmetic, and skincare.

Kendall is an expert in guiding research and development, product development, regulatory, and quality control, leading teams around the globe. She has a continual passion for the personal care industry and loves creating natural, efficacious products for Provence Beauty. 



Nourishes, plumps, soothes, smoothes, and brightens your skin with a unique blend of ingredients from the South of France.

Our Provençal Complex