Sugar Plum Exfoliating Facial Toner

$18.99 USD

For more clear-looking, glass-like skin 

A mist-on exfoliating toner that clarifies congested pores, smooths skin texture, and boosts skin luminosity. Sugar Plum Exfoliating Toner is powered by AHA, BHA, witch hazel, and malachite—an extremely moisturizing natural mineral—to deliver a dual-action benefit in one step: gentle exfoliation + a surge of hydration.

4 fl oz | 120 ml


FRUIT-DERIVED AHA: A blend of alpha-hydroxy acids derived from fruits that help gently resurface the top layer of skin + remove dead skin cells to reveal brighter, more luminous skin. 

WILLOWBARK BHA: A chemical exfoliant, beta-hydroxy acid, derived from willow bark that has natural exfoliation properties that help clarify + refine congested pores, balance oiliness, and reduce visible redness.  

MALACHITE: A natural mineral that contributes to smoother skin texture + a more hydrated appearance. Its natural ability to retain moisture helps create a protective barrier on the skin, preventing excessive water loss + leaving it feeling soft, supple, and replenished. 

WITCH HAZEL: A botanical extract derived from the leaves + bark of the hamamelis virginiana plant that is known for its astringent + soothing properties. It helps visibly refine pores, balance oil production, and promote a calm + clear-looking complexion.

  • Deep cleans congested pores 
  • Refines skin texture + tone 
  • Boosts overall radiance 

After cleansing, mist SUGAR PLUM Exfoliating Toner all over skin. Follow with treatments + moisturizer. Use daily.

SUNBURN ALERT: This product contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA), and glycolic acid which may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Use sunscreen daily.

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Key Ingredients

Our formulas are free from: parabens + sulfates + petrolatum + alcohol + gluten + fragrance + synthetic colors