Sugar Plum Exfoliating Facial Toner

$18.99 USD

Get the glass skin look with Sugar Plum Exfoliating Facial Toner, an AHA + BHA treatment that gently clarifies + visibly reduces the size of pores for smooth, glowing skin.

4 fl oz | 120 ml


WITCH HAZEL- combats excess oil production, helps prevent blemishes, and soothes irritation AHA + BHA- exfoliate skin, clarify pores, help fade dark spots, and visibly brighten skin MALACHITE- gently detoxifies congested skin GLYCOLIC ACID- resurfaces uneven skin texture + restores natural glow

Easy mist-on formula helps clarify pores + exfoliate dead skin cells 

Gentle enough for daily use

Especially great for congested skin

Use daily + nightly. Mist onto clean skin (avoid the eye area). SUNBURN ALERT: This product contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA), and glycolic acid which may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Use sunscreen daily.

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Key Ingredients

Our formulas are free from: parabens + sulfates + petrolatum + alcohol + gluten + fragrance + synthetic colors