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French Skincare for the Next Generation

Our Motto

Having it all?Oui, c’est possible.

This isn’t the French skincare your grandmother knows and loves. This is French skincare made for modern beauty lovers. The ones who want clean, effective, and ultra-luxe formulas—for less than the price of apéro hour. The ones who prioritize product performance and pleasure equally, and wish French beauty was more approachable.

At Provence Beauty, we’re modernizing French skincare staples and making them accessible to all. Calling on our French roots, we combine our proprietary Provençal Complex with clinically-proven actives to deliver truly transformational and luxurious products for $25 or less.

Because, oui, c’est possible to have it all.
Our Products


From initial brainstorms to bottling, we create our products with expert chemists + formulators in our own manufacturing facility in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. This allows us to uphold the highest standards for product efficacy, quality, safety, and sustainability, bien sûr.

Then we pass along our savings from manufacturing our own products to our community—because we’re in it to make sure more beauty lovers have access to modern French skincare!


For our founder + CEO Jeremy Abesera, introducing Americans to French skincare has been a lifelong journey. Born in Paris, France + raised in Los Angeles, CA, Jeremy grew up in his family’s business of manufacturing French clay soaps + cosmetics in the US.

From a young age, he witnessed how his parents’ generation fell in love with traditional French formulas while his friends + peers looked for more relevant options elsewhere. Provence Beauty is Jeremy’s vision of modern French skincare made accessible + approachable to all sorts of beauty lovers.