Deep Bleu Cloud Night Moisturizer

$19.99 USD

For visibly calmer, more hydrated skin overnight 

A rich, nighttime moisturizer that helps lock in hydration + soothe skin for a calmer, more hydrated appearance by morning. DEEP BLEU CLOUD Night Moisturizer has a whipped texture formulated with sodium hyaluronate, P5 peptide, and shea butter that sinks right into skin—and doesn’t leave any heavy residue behind.  Use DEEP BLEU CLOUD Night Moisturizer each night.

2 fl oz | 60 ml


P5 PEPTIDE: An innovative biomimetic peptide that helps improve skin tone + texture and prevent visible signs of aging. It’s known to support the skin’s natural regenerative processes to reduce the look of fine lines + wrinkles and promote skin elasticity. 

SODIUM HYALURONATE: A derivative of hyaluronic acid with a smaller molecular weight that is known to be able to penetrate deeper into the skin to bring intense moisture past the surface. It attracts moisture to it and pulls it to the skin for long-lasting hydration. 

SHEA BUTTER: A plant-based lipid that acts as an emollient on the skin and provides a rich source of fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins to help hydrate, visibly plump, and protect skin. It’s also known to help calm visible irritation + redness. 

SQUALANE: An emollient that mimics skin’s natural oils to moisturize and protect the skin barrier function. It’s also known to help reduce visible redness.

  • Provides a surge of hydration to dry, dehydrated skin 
  • Pulls moisture to skin 
  • Visibly calms irritation + redness

After cleansing, toning, and applying treatments, apply 2–3 dabs of DEEP BLEU CLOUD Night Moisturizer to skin + massage in. Use nightly.

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Key Ingredients

Our formulas are free from: parabens + sulfates + petrolatum + alcohol + gluten + fragrance + synthetic colors